The Initiative

  • Navi Mumbai Seva is an initiative of Divya Nur Foundation, under its #OurCityOurResponsibility campaign as part of its Saath Aao India (SAI) Movement.
  • The initiative aims to foster sustainable development within Navi Mumbai by leveraging the strengths and resources of diverse stakeholders – NGOs, citizen forums, businesses and government. A selection jury appointed by Divya Nur Foundation will select the top 10 SEVA projects in Navi Mumbai.
  • These 10 NGOs will need to present their project in person to the jury on Sunday, 21st April 2024.
  • All 10 selected projects will get 4 types of support from Divya Nur Foundation – Mentoring, Marketing, Monetary & Monitoring.
  • The top 3 projects will get seed funding of Rs 1 lakh each.
  • Shortlisted 10 NGOs will also get to use the SAI Seva Rath to collect donations and distribute them to beneficiaries.
  • The results will be declared in a grand event on Sunday, 28th April 2024.

Purpose Of Navi Mumbai Seva Project

seva project

#OurCityOurResponsibility Campaign

The purpose of Navi Mumbai Seva initiative is to-

  • Address Social Challenges Collectively
  • Promote Collective Social Responsibility
  • Encourage Community Participation And Engagement
  • Collaborate With Local Authorities And Organizations For Greater Impact
  • Utilize Diverse Stakeholder's Strengths And Resources
  • Raise awareness about social issues and promote a culture of empathy and activism within Navi Mumbai
  • Positively impact Sustainable Development In Navi Mumbai
  • Transform Navi Mumbai Into An Adarsh City.

Exciting Opportunity For Navi Mumbai NGOs

To launch Navi Mumbai Seva, Divya Nur Foundation announces an exciting initiative to offer significant support to the best 10 NGO Projects in Navi Mumbai. Such support comes in the form of 4 M’s.



Enhancing project reports through research, budgeting, beneficiary analysis, and impact assessment.



Assisting in presenting project reports to companies in Navi Mumbai for CSR funding opportunities.



Providing seed funding of INR 1 lakh for the top three shortlisted NGO projects.



Supporting with ERP modules, report templates, and other tools for better project monitoring and timely reporting to CSR partners.

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Categories Of Seva


Anna Seva


Providing free food to the needy, driven by volunteers, based on selfless service, aiming to alleviate hunger


Shiksha Seva


Providing quality education to underprivileged children in India, fostering community cooperation and bridging educational gaps.


Rojgar Seva


Empowers disadvantaged youth with skill training, facilitating employment opportunities and career advancement


Swasthya Seva


Providing healthcare to underprivileged communities, focusing on preventive measures and medical aid for a healthier society.


Nyay Seva


Nyay Seva offers free legal aid to marginalized communities, ensuring justice accessibility through lawyers, law students, and volunteers. Divya Nur raises legal awareness.


Prakruti Seva


Prakruti Seva promotes environmental conservation, sustainability, and eco-friendly practices to inspire a greener future.


Manav Seva

(Humanity at large)

Manav Seva, 'service to humanity,' is central to Divya Nur, offering selfless aid to those in need, fostering unity and compassion.

Divya Nur Foundation

Divya Nur Foundation is a socio-spiritual non-profit organization
registered in 2014, dedicated to fostering spiritual awareness and social responsibility among individuals.



We envision a world where individuals recognize their interconnectedness and actively contribute towards the well-being of society, guided by spiritual principles of love, compassion, and service.



To promote unity and foster social responsibility and spiritual consciousness among individuals, thereby creating a harmonious and compassionate society.